Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving and Other Randoms

So, you remember how I mentioned the med school thieves?
I know I told you I would give you more of the story, but really, there is nothing more to it. I brought my Mountain Dew to school, put it in the fridge, went to grab it when I was desperately in need of caffeine, but it was gone. And I never figured out who took it. RUDE.

Before I tell you about my Thanksgiving break, I want to give you a recap of my run in with not-so-pleasant policemen a couple days before my test.
Here I was, on my way home from a rather early night of studying.
Apparently 12:30 am is really late to cops, but I beg to differ. But anyways.
As I was making my 7 minute drive from my second home (Volker Hall), I came upon some flashing blue lights. Note to self, if you see blue lights anywhere in Birmingham, make sure to take a detour before getting any closer.  Those blue lights ended up being a roadblock, and apparently 12:30 is too late of a bedtime for this girl.
So I stopped, the cop walks up to my car shining his flashlight right in my eyes.
I must make note, he seemed to be was extremely skeptical about my car, but just because you have a crack in your windshield doesn't mean you're selling Schedule 1 drugs or headed to beat someone. Promise.
Policeman: "Did you just drive by here a little while ago?"
Me: "No sir, I did not."
Policeman: "Do you have your license?"
Me: "Yes sir"
(Fumbles for wallet and shakily hands license to p-man)
Policeman: "Maylene? What are you doing out here so far from Maylene?"
Me: "That's where my family lives. I live in an apartment up here because I attend UASOM and I have been studying all night."
Policeman: "It's too late to be out, GO HOME."
(In the meanest voice I've ever been talked to in by someone that didn't know me)
Me: "Uh, yes sir."

I know. You're probably wondering. That's it? Yeah, that's it.
The moral of the story is: 12:30 is NOT too late for me to be out.
Where was this policeman when people were stealing my Mountain Dew out of the fridge. Sheesh.

On another note, Thanksgiving break was rather delightful. I spent Thanksgiving day with my family and then Friday I went to the fiance's family Thanksgiving. I ate a lot, regretted eating as much as I did, and relaxed as much as humanly possible. I also continued the Black Friday shopping tradition and spent Thursday night shopping with the family. (Black Friday = shopping on Thursday? Still don't understand that.) Except this year it was different. Normally I only go for the cheap movies, but this time I wanted to get a special present. I got to Walmart at 9:00 and pretty much walked out as soon as I walked in. So my sister and I headed over to Target and waited in line, outside, in the cold, for 2 and a half hours. However, our patience failed to pay off and I walked away from Black Friday empty handed. (That's never happened.) At least Target gave us maps and free Luna bars. Target > Walmart

That was pretty much the extent of my break. Now I must make it through this last 3 week stretch until I can relax again. I can't believe I'm almost done with my first semester of med school.

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  1. just so you know. this is the first thing that has made me smile ALL DAY! i love you and your funny words and that we have the same need for mtn dew when we study.
    however target is not better than walmart, simply because they are soooooooo much more expensive.
    love you!



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