Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gobble Til Ya Wobble

I've been on a roll this week, and by on a roll, I mean I have another craft for you guys. You feel spoiled yet?  You should, because instead of crafting, I really should have been studying.
But that's okay. Studying isn't as fun.

This was another easy craft.
And it involves Mod-podge.
Are you noticing a theme yet?
It's all I tend to have time for, so don't hate.

I found this idea on the one and only, Pinterest.  Like always.
It's perfect because I had everything I needed and it involved wood. I am just a little obsessed with wood crafts. Oh, and it's Thanksgiving decor!

3 pieces of scrap wood (8", 3", and 11")
Scrap paper
Mod-Podge and Foam brush
Paintbrush and paint to match your paper
Letters in your saying of choice (I used my cricut to cut them, but you could also use stickers)

Oh, I also had to use sandpaper to sand down my blocks because I cut them with a jigsaw.
  • First, paint your blocks a solid color and let dry.
  • Cut the background paper to the correct dimensions to fit the front of your blocks and adhere with Mod-podge.
  • Adhere your letters to the top and brush 1-2 coats of Mod-podge on top.
  • I also used my Cricut to cut out a turkey, but you can pretty much do whatever you want with this kind of craft.
And there you have it. Another easy DIY Thanksgiving decor craft.

12 days until turkey!

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