Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little River Canyon

Today, the fiance and I took our day trip up to Fort Payne, Alabama to Little River Canyon.
Here's a little recap of our day:
We spent the day driving along the scenic route overlooking the canyon.
There were a bunch of spots along the way to park and take pictures of scenery, as well as, several hiking trails that led down to the water.
We decided to do the first trail we came to - Beaver Pond Trail.  It was supposed to be an easy 1.8 mile trail taking us down to the water; however, we never made it. We ended up walking in one big circle fighting our way through tree branches and spider webs.  So back to the car we went.
The next trail we came upon was only a 0.1 mile trail one way, but it KILLED us. I'm talking sweating, legs burning, can't breath, heart-is-going-to-explode kind of feeling. 
When they say steep and rugged, they are NOT kidding. It was straight up the whole way back to the car.
After that, our legs had had enough, so the rest of the scenic drive was spent doing just that - driving (and stopping to look out and take pictures.)
At the end of the drive there was one more easy trail and we decided to suck it up and walk the 0.9 miles.  By the time we had made it, we heard thunder and started speed-hiking back to the car.
On our way out we stopped to enjoy some Sonic for a late lunch (did I mention we forgot to bring food for a picnic? oops.)
Regardless, it was a great day, the fall scenery was perfect, and the weather was absolutely beautiful!

Mushroom Rock

If you ever get a chance to make it up to Fort Payne, you should definitely visit Little River Canyon.
Thanks to Eric's dad for suggesting we take this little day trip!

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