Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last week while I was on Fall Break, I got to enjoy some quality craft time.
And, I got to enjoy it with a friend. Even better.
So, I wanted to show you guys our cute Halloween craft (before Halloween is over).

We had been searching like crazy for Halloween crafts on Pinterest prior to fall break and decided on one like this so we could break out the mod-podge.
However, the mod-podge turned out to be a bad idea when I dropped the bottle on the floor while trying to put the cap on.  It splattered all over my floor and jeans and I now have these lovely large white streaks all across my super-faux hardwood floor. But now, everytime I see them, I am reminded of the super-fun memories of our craft day! Too much? Yeah, probably.

Okay, so, if you want to have your own super-fun craft day and mod-podge adventures, then here's what you need:
  • Wooden letters (what I used) or chipboard letters (what R used) - we spelled "BOO" but you could also do "EEK" or anything else really.We kept it simple.
  • Mod-podge (we like the matte kind)
  • Halloween scrapbook paper
  • Paint (colors that match your paper)
  • Paintbrush, x-acto knife or scissors, and a pencil
  • Sticker embellishments

 What you do:
  • Paint your letters
  • Trace letters upside down on the opposite side of the paper that you want to show
  • Cut letters out with x-acto knife (You can also use scissors, the x-acto knife just gives cleaner cuts)
  • Brush a layer of mod-podge onto your letters and position the paper letters on top.
  • Brush a layer on top of your paper. (I always let that layer dry and do another one)
So excited

Hard at work

R's almost finished letters

My finished letters

The bat is my favorite :)

Only 4 days until candy!

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