Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Update

Monday officially began our Pulmonary module. Yay, lungs.
I'm loving this organ based curriculum. So incredibly organized compared to last semester.
Not to mention, it makes me giddy to be learning so much doctor stuff.
I'm also one of the course representatives for this module. Can't wait to start getting emails from classmates with all their questions. Haha.

Last Friday was our final for the Cardio module and it went better than expected.  The weekends after a big test like that are practically mini vacations in my mind, so, needless to say, this weekend was full of productivity and fun.

Friday morning I headed to my parents' house to see my mom and do some laundry (thanks mom).  That evening I ventured to Tuscaloosa (ick) to stay the night with my sister and do a little wedding planning while we watched some Harry Potter. And by wedding planning, I mean we cut out a bunch of pictures from magazines. Heh.
Saturday we spent the day visiting dress shops to try on bridesmaids dresses. Except, only one of the stores actually ended up having bridesmaids dresses. Google lied. We eventually ended up getting coffee and shopping around. That night the fiance and I got to visit and have dinner with our college friends. We also spent Sunday watching the Super Bowl with them and by the time that was over, so was the weekend. I always end up wishing weekends are longer.

What did you do this weekend? Or, even better, what are you doing this coming weekend?
I'm looking forward to our school's Little Red Dress party this Friday in honor of cardiovascular disease. As long as I can make it through these next three days! :)

1 comment:

  1. this weekend i'm lookin forward to the red dress party with you! roll tide! (crimson is close enough to red)

    luuuhs you, guh!

    - rere



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