Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY VDay Canvas

Happy Tuesday! Or not happy Tuesday? There isn't a lot that's great about Tuesdays, I know. The weekend is still too far away. But, something great about this Tuesday is that I finally have another project to show you! 
And yes, it is a Valentine's Day project.
Now, I realize some people don't like Valentine's Day, which I think has to do a lot with the fact that they don't have a significant other to celebrate with, otherwise they would probably like it. But honestly, what other holiday, or any other time really, is it acceptable to decorate with pink and red and make your house all girly. This is not a trick question - there is no other time where this is acceptable. Which is why I take advantage of VDay (and also because it's acceptable to eat an entire box of chocolate by yourself without judgment..I think). But anyways, let me get on to today's project.

And just in case you like it enough to make one, I'm going to do my best to show you how.

What you need:
Blank canvas
Freezer paper
Cricut or Exacto knife and cutting pad
Red paint and foam brush
Pink Ribbon
Hot glue gun


Take a piece of freezer paper and cut out "Happy" and "Valentine's" with your Cricut or with a template and an Exacto knife. For the Exacto knife method, see this post. Make sure you cut the words on one line so the whole word is together. Also make sure the slick part of the freezer paper is on the bottom when cutting.

Lay your newly made "stencils" on top of your canvas.
Iron down the freezer paper so it adheres to your canvas. Don't forget the little dots between the letters that have holes!

Then, just like you would a stencil, lightly dab paint over your words. This took two coats for me. You also may have to touch it up a little after it dries and you pull it off, and for that I used a white paint marker.)

For the heart, all I did was make a bunch of little rosettes with ribbon. There are several tutorials for this, but basically, you cut a strip of ribbon (mine were probably 12" each), tie a knot at one end, and then start rolling and twisting from the knot.  Add a dab of hot glue every now and then so it doesn't come unraveled.

I printed out a heart template and traced it to my canvas so my heart didn't turn out lop-sided.
Then I hot glued my rosettes to the heart outline. I decided not to fill in the heart because it would have taken too much ribbon. And plus, it saves a lot of time!

But there you have it! You officially know how to make your own VDay canvas. So, go decorate your house all girly and while you're at it, eat an entire box of chocolate so I can feel better about myself! :)

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  1. This is cute! I passed an award along to you today on my blog. :)



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