Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Party

In honor of the last Harry Potter movie ever, I thought it would be the perfect time to throw a party.
So that is just what I did. 

The idea came up about a month in a half ago when I came across this post on iVillage.
I got serious about it about this past Tuesday.

So off to Walmart I went to buy supplies.
Then, I spent the next two days making everything from gryffindor cupcake wrappers to pretzal wands.
Just wanted to share the results with you guys!

Warning- You are about to see a TON of pictures. :)

Here is the view of the room the party took place in    

Potter's Pizza = Hungry Howie's Pizza
Granger's Garlic Bread = Self-explanatory
Truth Serum = Garlic Butter
Gillyweed Greens = Salad

Drink = Cream Soda

Cupcakes = Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake mix
Icing = Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Chocolate
Wizard Hats = Packaged sugar cones dipped in baking chocolate
Lightning Bolts = Vanilla Icing with yellow food coloring
Cupcake Wrappers = Cut out with Cricut Cupcake Cartridge
Cupcake Tower = Boxes wrapped in black gift wrap
Wording = Harry P font, cut out yellow letters with exacto knife
(Idea from iVillage)

Honeydukes Treats
Magical Wands = Chocolate covered pretzal rods with sprinkles
Honeydukes Quidditch Treat Bags = Brown paper bags filled with chex mix and a chocolate covered pretzal (Idea from iVillage)
Ron's Reeses = Reeses Cups
Mad Eye Moody's M&Ms = self-explanatory
Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans = Tropical Jelly Belly Mix

Some of the party-goers :)

And to go with my muggle shirts, I made stamped metal necklaces
I still can't believe its all over! :(

Hope everyone enjoys the movie if you go see it!
Happy weekend!

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