Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunflower Cuppycakes

So, last Thursday was my baby seester's 19th birthday party and seeing as her favorite flower is sunflowers and how she knew that I knew how to make sunflower cupcakes, she undoubtedly asked me to make these for her sunflower themed birthday party. And obviously, I was happy to oblige, because I love my sister dearly making cupcakes. :)

Also, that platter was her actual birthday present
I thought it was rather fitting 

I think I ended up making approximately 40 sunflower cupcakes and it only took a good FOUR HOURS to make them. Haha.  I rather enjoyed it though (except for the fact that our air conditioner decided to quit working that day so I spent those four hours trying to keep the icing from melting). Hopefully that never happens again.

My lovely sister with her cupcakes :)
(Although, this was actually taken the first time I tried making sunflowers)

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