Thursday, June 9, 2011

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Kayla Breanne Starling is my name. I am an Auburn University graduate and less than 2 months away from beginning my journey as a medical student.  Also, I recently became engaged to my high school sweetheart (going on 8 years now) giving me the reason to also become my own personal wedding planner.

I am a native of Tennessee and currently live in Alabama. I love sweet tea, rain showers, running, napping, kittens, making cupcakes, eating cupcakes, watching movies, and so much more.

I am obsessed with anything and everything craft related and nervous that once I start school, all time for crafting will disappear. Hence the reason for this blog.  My hopes are that this blog not only helps me vent about the stress that is sure to come in med school, but also that it helps keep me motivated to make time for the things that matter to me outside of school and keep me sane: aka, crafting and wedding planning! So that's what this blog will focus on. I'm not great at making up my own crafts but will do just about any DIY tutorial that I come across, so if you think you have seen something that I post in the future somewhere before, you probably have.  No worries, I will link back to the original as long as I can. Any comments are encouraged as they will keep me motivated and inspired. :)

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