Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Sorry for being MIA the past few weeks

Last week was my Spring Break and the week before that was the week of my Pulmonary final (really just a pretty terrible week in general). Needless to say, the blog got pushed to the bottom of the priority list again. I spent my break in South Carolina with my grandparents and sister. My sweet, tough ol' grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the same week as my final and my sister and I decided that Spring Break was a perfect opportunity to visit them and try to help keep them optimistic.

My 23rd birthday was also during the break and we celebrated with a baked spaghetti dinner and the most delicious cake! By the end of the week, the three of us girls had eaten all but, like, three pieces. I should really go run.

I got pretty birthday flowers, too!

The last day of my break was spent taking engagement pictures (finally)! That day also marked one year since our engagement. Coincidence? Overall, the week was great and I am so fortunate for the time I got to spend with my family. I'm officially back into full swing and preparing for major studying this module: Gastrointestinal (better known as GI). Mmm. Yay digestion.

Oh, and I promise to have craft post real soon!

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